December 9, 2022

Need to save space in your car camping? That’s a concern that many people have. There are ways to be more efficient and conserve space while you’re out camping, however.

First, make sure you bring only what’s necessary. You’ll need a tent and sleeping bag, of course. If you’re the type to take a lot of little luxuries with you while camping, those items will take up space as well. It’s important to keep in mind that anything which is superfluous should not be brought with you on your trip or it could hurt your car camping experience.

In this article, you will find that how to save space in your car camping

1. Repack food and other items into smaller containers

Repack your food into smaller containers. If you have items like canned food, you can repackage it into smaller containers or bags so that they take up less room. Converting large cans to smaller ones with just a few cuts on the top can save a lot of space in your car camping kit.

Look for other containers that are small enough to fit into your bag. You will want to pack them carefully so that they do not get crushed and damaged during travel. There are many pre-packaged meals that come in small aluminum foil cans which make for good car camping meals as well as packing containers for things like toilet paper, sunscreen, and other necessities.

2. Choose smaller sleeping bags and pillows

Once again, if you’re bringing along a lot of little luxuries for your camping trip, consider choosing smaller sleeping bags and pillows. They will save space in your car that could be used for other items if you don’t need that extra room. If you want to use a large pillow, at least find one that is not very thick so that it has less volume.

This will allow you to fit more in your bags, without taking up too much room or weighing you down. You can find smaller sleeping bags that are lighter and less bulky if you want one for car camping as well.

3. Choose smaller items for your cooking gear

Since you need to have food on the go while camping, it’s important that you choose smaller items for the pots and pans that you plan to bring with you. These may be very heavy and take up a lot of space in your car camping kit when they are packed full. Instead, opt for lightweight pots and pans so they will not weigh down your tent very much at all.

It Is also recommended that you choose a pot that will fit into your cooking container so it is easier to carry. You can still cook with your pots and pans, just make sure the pots are smaller.

4. Do not bring too many items that can be used for multiple purposes

It is important to be efficient when packing items for car camping along with you. You do not need to bring things that you can use for multiple purposes in your pack because they will take up room and limit the space within your car camping kit. That’s why it’s important to pack carefully and choose items with a purpose so you know exactly how many things you need to take with you.

Morever, there are many items which are great for one thing but can be used for another. For instance, you can use a sleeping bag as a blanket and as a sleeping bag. However, you only need one of them so do not bring both.

In addition to that, bring things that serve the same purpose with the same item instead of bringing multiple items.

For example, bringing multiple pillows will not do any good because they have the same function in your car camping kit.

Choose one pillow and use it each night so you are able to save space in your car camping kit.

5. Use smaller backpacks

Using smaller backpacks is also a great idea if you want to save space in your car camping kit.

You can use a duffel bag or other type of bag if you want a multipurpose backpack, but they are larger than your traditional backpack.

It is recommended that you pack carefully and be aware of the things that take up the most space so you can efficiently fit everything into your car camping kit.

You will also want to use a smaller backpack as well because you will be carrying your items on your back instead of on your front.

Since this will increase the weight in your car camping kit, you need to make sure that it is not too heavy or you could injure yourself from the large amount of weight.

A small, lightweight backpack is perfect for car camping because it can be carried easily with one arm without causing an injury.

6. Use space bags for clothing and other things at risk

Space bags are durable, lightweight bags that are designed to save space when packing clothes or other things such as flashlights and bug spray that are at risk of getting damaged during travel.

You can use space bags inside your bag or pack them out at the end of the night for the things which are prone to getting dirty.

They are also great for storing extra belongings like you might want to bring in clothes and other items which don’t fit into your car camping kit.

This way, you can keep everything organized and make sure that all of your stuff is safe in a case when it’s not packed away for the trip.

It’s also a good way to store extra things when staying over night at campgrounds because they are not hard to find after the car camping trip is over.

7. Use a small tent for car camping

This is when it’s great if your car camping kit includes a smaller tent or one that is lightweight because it will be easier to carry around on the go.

You can find some great tents for car camping which are not very heavy so you can easily store them in the trunk of your vehicle without feeling any strain on your body at all.

Use a light tent for backpacking as well if you want something durable and smaller than most tents made today even though they are generally small and lightweight all around.

Small tents are a great idea because they will save you a lot of room in your car camping kit and they will be easier to store in your trunk when you are not using them.

8. Use a small lantern for camping

The same goes for your lantern when you car camp. You can purchase a smaller, more lightweight lantern that is still durable and will not break if you put it in your car camping kit. Many of these are plastic and very light weight so they won’t add a lot to the weight of your kit as well.

A small lantern is definitely one of the easiest things to bring on the go because it doesn’t take up a lot of room and it will be easy to pack away after you arrive at camp. If you get tired of carrying it, consider putting it in your tent so people aren’t tripping over it when they come into your tent or campsite.

9. Bring a smaller, lighter water container

When it comes to your water, you can opt for a smaller, plastic container for your car camping kit.

You can use this to collect water from the local source and wash your hands if needed. When you car camp, ample drinking water is not always available because it will take up too much room in your car camping kit unless you have a larger vehicle that can fit the larger containers in them.

Another great thing about plastic containers is that they are durable enough to carry around without worrying about them breaking if they fall or get shaken during travel.

They are also lightweight so you won’t need to worry about carrying too much of it around with you.

10. Do not bring unnecessary stuff along with you

There’s no better way to save space in your car camping kit than eliminating items that are not necessary for the trip without making it uncomfortable for those who have to ride in the car along with you.

You should try to travel light and only take things that you really need for the trip because if something is damaged or lost on the way, it can seriously hamper your travel plans.

There are many things that you can bring that you might not need so be sure to take a look at your list before going on the trip. You will save space in your car camping kit and avoid adding unnecessary items that might throw a wrench in your plans.

11. Bring a lighter stove

Again, this case applies to those who have a small car camping kit that they can take with them on their trips. You will find that many of the stoves are smaller than your typical camping stove because of their lesser weight.

They are designed for small groups so you can pack them away easier when you don’t need them anymore. You only need one or two burners at a time depending on how many people are going, so smaller is better in this case.

It’s also a good Idea to bring smaller sets of clothing for different seasons when car camping because it will be more comfortable for everyone.

It will also save you space in your car camping kit because there won’t be so many clothes that won’t fit in your trunk or on the ground around you.

12. Bring a lighter gas canister to use for campfires

There are some lighter-weight gas canisters which are smaller than your traditional cylinders and canisters as well as compact stoves and lanterns too.

This way, you can take the smaller canisters along with your other belongings without making it hard to fit them in your car camping kit.

You will be able to pack them more easily and they won’t take up too much space in the backseat of your vehicle when you are not using them.

This will also help save space and weight because gas canisters usually weigh much more than their lighter counterparts.

Use this method to keep weight down on the entire trip as well so your car camping kit is compact enough to carry around with ease.

13. Bring a smaller first aid kit for car camping

This is for those who have a small car camping kit and don’t want to bring more than what is necessary.

It’s usually best to have at least some basic first aid supplies because you never know when you might need them and it can be much easier to carry around one small first aid kit than several bigger ones.

If you do decide to bring more of the smaller supplies along, make sure you only take what’s totally necessary.

You can also use this method if your car camping trip includes hiking or other activities where a tiny first aid kit will be needed.

14. Get a car camping pillow

There are actually many ways to camp without a tent and a lot of them do not involve bringing any type of furniture or equipment with you as well.

One way is using comfortable, cozy items like pillows to make sleeping in the back of your vehicle more comfortable.

It’s very easy to find pillows that are lightweight, small and compact when searching for camping pillows for your car camping kit because there are many different styles available.

You can also bring along a small comforter or sleeping bag if you don’t mind adding a bit of weight to the weight of your car camping kit.

15. Bring a blanket to give a little extra comfort

If you plan on camping in the cold, do not forget that your vehicle’s AC system might not be capable of heating up the entire vehicle.

So bring along a small blanket or sleeping bag to add some extra comfort if needed as well.

You will also want to bring along extra blankets for when it gets warmer so that you can have more warmth than normal inside the car.

This will also help with weight on the trip because there won’t be much more material in the car if you use this method because of all of the blankets and sleeping bags.

16. Use a vehicle kit for your car camping kit

You can actually make a car camping kit out of some of the items that you already own if you have a few in your garage.

You can create a simple car camping kit by using small or medium sized duffle bags, backpacks or boxes in order to store all of your necessary items for the trip along with the supplies and tools that you will need.

This is because it’s easier to transport everything from one area to another when you travel rather than carrying everything at once.

Some of these bags may even be big enough to fit some of the larger items as well without sacrificing too much space.

17. Take a portable power source with you

If you are planning to do any type of car camping adventure and need some type of power source, you should definitely be prepared.

The best way to do this Is to find a portable power source that will be able to fit in the small space of your car camping kit.

There are some solar-powered products available which can provide a lot of different uses when traveling as well so you should definitely look into those options if your vehicle doesn’t have solar glass windows which can help with the sunlight.

They will also supply you with some extra power when you need it and won’t break easily.

18. Get a car camping equipment organizer

You can find little organizers when looking for equipment to bring with you on the trip.

These items are usually made from heavy duty material and have several different pockets to store your gear in so that you’ll be able to carry everything with ease.

This is great for those who have several different kinds of gear that they need to take with them on their camping trips, some of which is heavy duty or bulky and difficult to carry around.

You can also use this type of product if you need all of your smaller items, tools and bathroom supplies at easy access as well.

19. Stuff Sack to Compress Bedding

Bring along a stuff sack to compress your bedding and other items that you need to carry with ease.

This will help save space in the bag because there won’t be as much of anything else that is taking up room.

You will want to buy a small, lightweight one so it won’t take up much space and your bag won’t weigh too much either.

You can also use this method if you don’t need your bedding compressed all that much because it will just waste away when left out at all and you probably won’t need it on the trip.

Final Thoughts

This is just a few options and tips on how you can car camp when you’re away from home.

You’ll want to remember that the most important thing is to have fun with your family during these adventures and don’t forget to take your camera along so that you can capture the memories that last a lifetime.

If you are ready to see some other simple camping tips or tricks, check out some of the other guides on my website as well.





































































































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